Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Six months

Dear Ruby,

Today you are six months old. You have been in my arms for 6 months. You've lived in my heart for a lot longer than that, but as of 1:46 this afternoon, you've been earth-side for 6 months. It simultaneously feels like you've been here forever, and that you've only been here for 5 minutes. You've changed our lives in so many ways in the past half year, and i can't wait to see what will change next.

This month you've learned so much. You've started to blow raspberries, and it's quite possibly the funniest thing EVER. You seem to amuse yourself just as much as you amuse everyone else in the room. Some nights while you're trying (not) to fall asleep you'll blow them in the dark, and it's so very hard not to laugh at you. You are JUST. SO. FUNNY. You've started to full on belly laugh now, and you've also developed a sweet little giggle when daddy snurgles on the back of your neck. Oh god, it's to die for.

You just recently developed the ability to entertain yourself for short periods of time. You've perfected sitting up on your own and with a few pillows (or the boppy) around you, you'll sit and play with your toys for 20-30 minutes all by yourself. We sit back and watch you, amazed at your independence and inquisitive nature. You are a wonder to behold.

You've found your feet and think they are quite interesting. It's good because it keeps you occupied during diaper changes, and you're less likely to try and roll away. You love rolling over. and over. and over.
If you could crawl, You would be all over it! When you see your toys just out of reach you have this look in your eye like "oh man, if I could just get over THERE"... but you're not there yet. You seem content to focus on mastering hand control and squeals and laughter, crawling will come later.

You have been acting like you are about to get teeth for quite some time, yet have nothing to show for it yet. Your gums don't even look like they are about to change... this is fine with me, as sometimes you bite down when nursing that's not too fun for me. Thankfully, you're not much of a biter, just when you're overly tired, or fighting sleep.

You're still a pretty good sleeper. You're not sleeping "through the night" but once you go to bed, you only wake to eat, and not to play. And since you sleep with us all night, I hardly wake up to feed you. (yeah for breast-feeding and co-sleeping!) You've recently changed the time you like to go to sleep from 7-8 to 10 PM, but since you still get a full nights sleep, we're not going to fight you on that one. At least this way you get to play with daddy a little more at night when he works late.

You're just about ready for solid food. you can sit on your own and can grab things with your thumb and forefinger. You've started watching us eat intently and occasionally shouting at us during meals as if to say 'hey, I wanna try that!' I think we'll ask santa to put a little avocado or sweet potato in your stocking, so that after the holidays you can try something besides breast milk. I can't wait to see your face when you try different things!

You've also just started to notice animals. Mik and Oscar (those are the two black cats that run our house) aren't sure about you, but they occasionally let you pet them... and when you do, you think it's THE. FUNNIEST. THING. EVER. I'm not sure what you make of those furry guys, but you sure love the way they feel. we are in Michigan visiting Grandma right now, and last night you met Leo her puppy. OH. MY. GOD. you were so amused by him. Sorry to say, but mama is allergic to dogs, so we won't be getting one any time soon. (and besides, we can hardly keep house with you and two cats!)

You are truly an amazing creature. Watching you learn and grow is the most precious thing I've ever witnessed. I love you so very much, and yet I love you more each day. Every day I am thankful that you chose us as your family, and that we didn't give up on you. I knew in my heart that you were out there somewhere, (although I admit there were times that I was less than faithful and quite impatient) and I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for coming into our lives and for showing us our true capacity for love. You are proof that god exists, and that she wants us to be happy. You are truly the best thing I've ever done, my proudest moment, and my greatest challenge. Thank you for making my life complete.

All my love, Mama


kimbelina said...

Awww, happy six month birthday, Ruby! You have one very lucky mama.

PlazaJen said...

Ooooh, so sweet. I love her abject delight in things, including putting a doggie ear in her mouth. Bless li'l Ruby! Have a wonderful visit & safe travels home.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me? that dog video is awesome -yummm, dog hair! lula says 'the baby is eating the doggie!' so we've watched it, oh, twenty times. :) jen

Anonymous said...

Wow ... beautiful! Girl & love letter ... Miss Ruby, I'm so glad that you're here! :-) Happy 6 months!

PS - Max says "zzzzzzzzbrt" which I think is baby for "you're cute"

Best wishes! - Kara

Sarah said...

That video is awesome.

Pass the spoon, I wanna eat up some cute!

sweethomealagirl said...

gosh I miss that age :) That first picture is so beautiful!

Johanna said...

oh my god that was the cutest thing EVER. I MUST show Brett! He's always watching videos of random babies laughing hysterically. And that one, that was too much! :) Thank you so much for sharing that and your love letter. :)

Tina said...

Happy birthday Ruby. You are one much loved little girl.

What a wonderful age with all the new discoveries.

I hope you all have a very special first christmas together. Sending lots of christmas wishes all the way from Australia.

Jofrog said...

Wow, six months already! We are struggling through this first month and I can't imagine that she'll ever be big, and sitting, and laughing, and ready to eat real food. Thanks to Ruby for giving me some much needed prespective!

Anonymous said...

Ruby, I miss you! I can hardly wait to see you again & hear your delightful giggles.
Give your Grandma a big kiss.
All my love,