Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Mei Tie day!

This weekend we tried out one of our carriers that hadn't been used yet. The Mei Tie! Ruby loved this carrier.. as did mom and dad. Comfy, colorful, and easy to use! Fun!This one was a gift from my sweet friend Cristina. Thanks!! :D

The weather has been pretty much perfect here in P-land... warm, sunny, with a lovely breeze. Perfect for a morning walk and some time on the back porch sunbathing.

At 5 AM, when the wake up call comes, Ruby-roo is soooooo cute. She has so many expressions and is so happy that early in the day. (She's the ONLY one, I tell ya. I've got to become a morning person....) It's not easy to get a good pix at 5 AM when it's not too light out and you're very very tired....

After a few pix tho, Ruby is like Madonna with the Paparazzi... No more pix!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well, as we approach Ruby's 6th week, it's time to start getting ready for Mama to go back to work. I am officially starting to see patients again on the 14th of August when Ruby will be 8 weeks old (I can't even think about it without crying!). So..we've begun pumping breastmilk for the occasional bottle. I'm only going back for two half days and Ryan will be working from home on those days so he's got to give her bottles. He's not a seasoned baby feeder so he's learning, just as she is.

First time... not so good. she wasn't interested, and got pretty pissed off....
second try.... success! she took 1.5 oz of breastmilk, while mama cried in the kitchen.
Daddy totally enjoyed his feeding time, and had a great daddy daughter day. They went and ran a few errands while mama stayed home to 'relax' (read: couldn't sit still so I did laundry, sorted recycling, cleaned the kitchen, etc). They were gone for almost 2 hours, and I went almost completley insane. ALMOST ... but we all survived.

Ruby also had a trip to the park this week! we went to meet Adina and Brigit.. but missed them as we parked in different lots, and didn't have cell phones. However, Ruby and I had a nice time staring at trees, and swingingon the swing.
She's laying on a blanket from Auntie Bug. So fun and colorful!! one of our faves.

Hi trees!!! I love trees!!

This is what we call the "sleeping rollercoaster" look. woo hoo!!!! I love the boppy! Drunk on breastmilk, it's a wild ride!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Today Ruby brings you news from the back yard! No... not more pix of her lying in the grass. Today we'll give you an idea of what's going on back there!

So .... we started off with a bunch of nothing... just a pile of weeds and a lot of dirt.

Then the landscapers did this.... (that's Kurt and Adam inspecting...)

Then... Kurt and Adam did this....

Now... it looks like this!

This will be Ruby (and all of her buddies) play house!

Ruby finds all this construction exhausting. Yawn!

Last but not least.... Ruby had a rough night last night (well Mama had a rough night)... Ruby must have beena bit gassy, as she was really figitey and punchy all night. We still put socks on her little paws to keep her from clawing mama to death.... So this morning when dad (he's working fromhome today) woke up he took Ruby down stairs so mama could get a wee bit more sleep. I call this pix... Ruby and her monkey fists.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ruby's outdoor adventures!

Last night we had some friends (::wave:: Hi Molly and Nappy!) come over for dinner (read: we ordered take out and ate it on plates from my kitchen). Ruby was pretty tired at first.....

Eventually she woke up, and we all sat out on the porch to have some delish middle eastern food (mmmmm Ya Hala!!)

She dined on breastmilk and thumb.

Today we took Gina's gorgeous fun blanket out to the back yard to hang out while Uncle Shiny Head (aka Uncle Kurt) and Adam worked on the garage. There isn't much shade, as the trees are still small.. but we found a bit and enjoyed the good weather.

Ruby thought it was a bit bright.. and wants some baby shades...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today I dressed Ruby up in a girly little outfit that Auntie Jackie gave us... Ruby was.... say the least.

Eventually she fell asleep.... in the sling while we hung diapers out in the sun!

Of course.. that didn't last long...

After that.. sadly the cute little ruffled outfit was no longer clean and we had to choose something else..... but that was exhausting also.. so she passed out on me!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ooooh fun! I put Ruby in the Moby facing out today ((yes, I know that they aren't supposed to go facing out till they have good head control, well I kept my hand on her little noggin, and she's got decent head control for a 5 week old!)) and she loved it!
we went for a walk around the neighborhood and she got to see so much. Much better than smooshed against mom's boobs! (well not when you want her to sleep!)

She had a good nap all wrapped up in a blanket made by Nana while lying in the Boppy

Spent a lot of time bouncing on the ball - boy this makes mama's back sore! Things just arent the same after being pregnant and having your belly cut open!

Ahhhh! the Thrush is back! Dr. Mona was called today to see what we do next... Cause this sucks!

Monday, July 24, 2006


I've told you that Ruby V. Loves the bath, right????? Here's more proof.....

Good god she's cute!!!

I'm so cute you should give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

What, you don't think I"m the cutest baby ever? Really?????

For that I'll make you look again!!!! Look at how cute I am!!! How can you deny that? Dont' you want to just eat her up?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ruby visits the beach!!!

It was a hot hot day yesterday, so we decided to head out to the beach. SO.DID.EVERYONE.ELSE. It took 4 hours and 45 minutes to get to Lincoln City. It normally takes 90 mins. GOOD GOD... IT.WAS.MISERABLE! Fortunately, Ruby did pretty well. We stopped once for a snack, a change... and she hardly cried at all. The rest of us, were cranky as hell, though!

She spent a lot of time noshing on mama and daddy's fingers...

And she spent a lot of time sleeping...

Once we got to the beach (oh it was sooooo cool and lovely!) She slept more in her sling, as she LOOOOOOOOOOOVES the sound of the water.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Good god. It's too hot to post.

Just kidding. I won't let you have a Ruby-less day!! (although tomorrow you may be out of luck, as we're going to the beach, and don't know how late we'll be home!)

Today it was 105 here in P-town. yes... One Hundred and FIVE. That's disgusting, folks. really. I mean, seriously.

Ruby wasn't a huge fan of the hot weather. We camped out in the one room of our house (the bedroom) that has AC ( although by the end of the day our living room had it too!!!!) and Ruby decided that even tho it was so hot, all she wanted to do was nurse, ALL. DAY. LONG. MMMM lucky mama!!

We did venture out to do a few things... we had lunch with Daddy downtown, and had to put on this super cute outfit.

Miss Ruby had to sleep in just a diaper because it's soooo hot.. However, she has serious talons, as she hasn't napped deep enough for us to trim them in a while.. so I tried to get her to sleep with some mitts on. As you can see... it didn't last long.

Ah... more daddy love!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ooooooh Lawdy It's Hawt!!

Today it got up to 95 here in normally lovely Portland, Oregon.
It didn't seem that hot before we got out of bed this morning, but my oh my... it sure did get hot later!

Ruby spent today in one of the cutest outfits she has... a gift from Auntie Jackie. She looks like she just spent a week in Hawaii, doesn't she?

By the end of the day, we had a slightly cranky and very naked baby... Lets hope we survive the next few days as it's about to get hotter!

Oh yeah.. Ruby had her one month appointment with our midwives.. she weighs 9lbs 5 oz (up two pounds in a week!) and is 20.5 inches long (grew 1.5 inches since birth!!) Our little gem is growing up!