Friday, July 14, 2006

Go State!

Everyone knows Ryan is from Michigan, right? and you all know he went to Michigan State, right??? Well Ruby sure knows!!

Yeah MSU!

Um.. MSU, what's that?


Um... who is this monkey and why is he hugging me?

Aw.. I love Elwood the gay monkey!!


Johanna said...

soooooooo cute :)

PlazaJen said...

You're going to have to start posting "warnings" on these pictures. She's so cute I can't hardly stand it! I love seeing her alert & lookin' at mamma with her camera! And don't get me started on those cheeks......

Mamafae's Knit Wits said...

Those were great! I had tears I was laughing so hard at the monkey pics! Toooo Cute! You know she is going to get you back one day for those don't you? *grin*

Alexandria said...

Being from Ohio myself, I think her shirt rocks!