Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Mei Tie day!

This weekend we tried out one of our carriers that hadn't been used yet. The Mei Tie! Ruby loved this carrier.. as did mom and dad. Comfy, colorful, and easy to use! Fun!This one was a gift from my sweet friend Cristina. Thanks!! :D

The weather has been pretty much perfect here in P-land... warm, sunny, with a lovely breeze. Perfect for a morning walk and some time on the back porch sunbathing.

At 5 AM, when the wake up call comes, Ruby-roo is soooooo cute. She has so many expressions and is so happy that early in the day. (She's the ONLY one, I tell ya. I've got to become a morning person....) It's not easy to get a good pix at 5 AM when it's not too light out and you're very very tired....

After a few pix tho, Ruby is like Madonna with the Paparazzi... No more pix!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, RUBY, You are SO precious!
(Mom & Dad too, of course!