Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today we went out on our own! well we went to Daddy's office to show off cutie patootie Ruby, then we all went to the hospital for the post op appointment. Of course everyone at Ecos thought Ruby was the cutest baby ever (well, of course.... she is!!)

She of course slept through the whole visit, but was cute as can be.

Post op went well. No surprises there. The doc was surprised that I'mnot on pain meds anymore (haven't been on anything stronger than ibuprofen since the day after the surgery)... but honestly, I feel pretty good. Of course he was oohing and ahhing about how cute Ruby is. Duh.

She just LOVES the water. LOVES it. Loves hearing it, being in it... loves water. She took a bath in the tub with Daddy the other night..... such a happy baby!


Johanna said...

SOOO cute :)

Jennifer said...

She's so damn adorable! I love checking for new pics everyday. I'm so happy for you guys.

Anonymous said...

i also love that you've got new pics up for us all the time! hooray for the new little mermaid... such a lovely family.


C.Cheapskate said...

Direct quote from Jillian "that baby's hair looks like a heart on its head" :-)

What a cutie pie! XOXO!

Heather said...

Oh so cute!! She just looks mesmerized by the water!!