Friday, July 07, 2006

Out and about!

Today Ruby and I went to Target to do a wee bit of shopping, and to meet a friend.

We used the New Native pouch sling.. and for the most part were completely successful! This was the only way I could get a pix of us in the sling... in the car window. but, it worked, sort of!

Ruby was comfy and cozy, and slept the whole time.... from one block away from the house, till we were back in the house 2 hours later!

We had to do a little girly shopping, as most of Ruby's clothes are gender non specific....

Can she be any cuter? Of course she was covered in spit up and breastmilk within 15 mins of putting this on.. but such is life, eh?

Ok now you can all laugh at me for buying something pink, go ahead. Laugh.


Johanna said...

I'm actually rather giddy about the whole girly thing ;) Gives me an opportunity when I'm shopping to say, "That would look SO cute on Ruby." ;)

A said...

They make cute things in pink, just like any other color! :-D And she looks good in pink!

jen said...

yay! you're ok with pink! that means I can make a flutterby hat for Ruby in pink because ZOMG butterflies AND pink?!?! PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

PINK! OH BOY! Does that mean I might even be able to sew ruffles on a dress for Ruby someday?
She's adorable in anything!
Love to all of you,

Jennifer said...

It's funny, I actually like to wear pink but have no desire to run out and buy a ton of pink things for the peanut if he/she happens to be a girl. Glad to hear the sling worked well, a friend of mine just bought me one and I can't wait to use it. Stroller? What stroller? =)

Ruby is beautiful as always!

PlazaJen said...

she is just so sweet. So happy for you both. That dress is smashing!

Heather said...

Oh cute girl baby clothes!! I think the pink is very adorable!!