Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday cuteness!

Yesterday our friend Nichol came over with DELICIOUS enchiladas, and gave us some lessons on using the slings we have.
She is a serious slinging mama. She's had the experience of 3 babes, and she handled Ruby like a pro... Ryan and I are still figuring it all out... sometimes I wonder if someone is going to come and take her away, cause we have NO CLUE what we're doing!

Once she was in the sling, she was happy!!! or she'd just pass out! We're going to love love love the sling around here!

Nichol also brought over a bunch of her daughter's super cute girly clothes. Oh... the fun we'll have this week!
We have this same outfit in shorts... but who doesn't love a sweet baby girl in a blue dress with a duck, a frog and a bear? Seriously, if you don't adore this, you have a heart made of stone and should probably stop reading now. Go on, get!

Ruby has been going through a cranky phase. She's either eating, sleeping or cranky (unless she's in the tub!) However today, she has had quite a bit of happy awake time again.. maybe the phase has passed! I HOPE SO!!! cranky inconsolable baby makes for mama and daddy who feel like they have no clue, and who want to run away to mexico! Thankfully she's so cute we wouldn't get far. ;)

Kissy Face. Don't you just want to eat her????

Crossed eyes... she's still figuring out how to work those eyes independently. Someday she'll figure it out..... someday.


kris said...

I just adore her. She gets cuter, every single day!

PlazaJen said...

I just wanna kiss those cheeks until she fusses at me! "Leave me alone, crazy lady! My cheeks are tired of you!"

She's just gorgeous. :)

Mamafae's Knit Wits said...

OMG I can't believe you put my ugly mug up on your blog next to such a beautiful little gal! Oh and yes I do want to just kiss her! She is precious and I am seriously glad you liked the food and the clothes. Dressing girls is soo much fun!