Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dad went back to work today!!!!

So far, so good. We slept a little, showered, got dressed, had some food, and finally after being alert for two hours went back to sleep. Of course, because we miss daddy so very much, Ruby will only sleep in arms today. Cest la vie, eh?

so todays pictures are all for daddy, who is lonley at the office missing his girls.


Anonymous said...

cute cute cute.... oh my gosh what a beautiful babe. i dig the name. i can't wait to see you at campmout. love to all. toad plays tonight in boise- no i couldn't get tickes in time- suckin'

KoolKnitter said...

love that last shot!

jessica said...

Korin, you know, every single picture you post makes my heart swell with happiness for your beautiful family. :*)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pictures of my precious RUBY. What a beautiful pair you two are!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Daddy had a rough time going to work on Wednesday. Hugs to Daddy!!! I am glad to hear that your day went sounds like Ruby was missing her Daddy too....hence the 2 hour awake period! :)
Love to you all!!!! ~J