Tuesday, October 31, 2006

(first a note - sorry it's been so long since we posted... there was sickness (a mild cold passed all around) and now my computer is dead - well i killed it by spilling water on the keyboard. Who'd a thunk that water would kill a laptop? so this is being posted from dads computer... and i'm not too good with his programs, so forgive any weirdness! I can't seem to get all the pix i need on here - so check back again in a day or so.:)

We went to the pumpkin patch a week or so ago.... Ruby slept through the whole thing.

Then we carved said pumpkins the other night. Ruby enjoyed this. (at least WE think she did)

Then, zombie dad tried to eat Ruby. Thankfully, she survived.

So you know we have two cats, right?
You've met Mik and Oscar
But have you met Spooky Cat?

She can stand on two feet!

Oh she loves cat food!

We actually have more Halloween pix, but they are on someone elses computer..... later this week we'll show you.
lastly.... new knitted love... how cute are these pants?

and of course.... just gotta love a kid this sweet!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear Ruby,
Today you are four months old. I can't believe you've been here for four months, and at the same time, it seems like you've always been here. Funny how a baby can make time seem so different.
You are getting so strong! You love to hold your head up (most of the time - until you start screeching).

And today you rolled over from back to front! (with some coaching from Tyler). I have yet to get you rolling from tummy to back on video, but you've been doing it for a while.

You also LOVE talking. If someone talks back you can carry on a conversation for quite a while. You love chatting with things like the ceiling light, or other such objects. It's quite hilarious.

You have a new friend. Jerry Seinfeld. You like him a lot

You like him so much, you try to eat him, just like everything else you get your hands on.

You also have another new friend..... Greyson Lee! He was born 3 days ago and is as sweet as can be. Is it possible that only four months ago you were that tiny?

Here he is in his tiny perfection.... Sigh. Doncha just wanna snif him?

I can't believe you've been here for four months. You are so much fun! You make me laugh several times a day, and your smile melts me. The way you light up when your daddy comes in the room is enough to make my heart explode.

I love how LOVED you make me feel. After four months I think we are beginning to really see who you are going to be. As much as I love everyday with you, I also can't wait to see what you'll do next. You are the most amazing person I've ever met, and my proudest moment all rolled into one. I know I say this everymonth in your letter... but I am SO glad you're here.

All of my love, Mama

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ruby met Auntie Kasi!

(finally) She had lots of fun showing her Auntie Kasi all the cool things she does... like... um.... smile, and poop.
And auntie Kasi wore her on a walk!

yes... She's THAT hungry.

This is what happens when a girl takes a looooooong bath.

This is Bubba. Ruby LOOOOOOOOVES bubba. (so does everyone else) Bubba was a gift from Aunti Katy and Uncle Kurt (aka Uncle shiny head). Bubba Ribbits 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'. It's HILAROUS.

Next time... Four Month old! ... then we'll show you her halloween costume. Seriously!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, I've been a bad bad blogger. Sorry about that... but I've been busy just being mama and such.

We got back from Michigan a week ago (Susan, I am going to call you back, I am, really!!!!). While we were there Ruby got to meet a lot of family!

Aunt Mary spent a lot of time loving on Ruby and of course brought more cute knitted love!

Ruby met three more cousins (well second cousins if you want to be specific, but who cares!)

She also met the whole Rasmussen/Piotrowski Family - what a bunch of crazies!

Yes... this is an explosion of PINK. It's PINK.. but it's still cute. :)

On a walk with dad... she looks a lot like him I think!

She has been sleeping a LOT.
She sleeps while shopping.
She slept on the plane.

She has also been eating a LOT.
She eats nose.
She eats chin.

Someone is growing!

Oh yeah... she rolled over. Once in Michigan - but I think it was a surprise...... then on sunday she rolled over on purpose (with excellent coaching, thanks Tyler!)! Of course we didn't get it on video... but we will. soon soon.

I'll leave you with this.... quite possibly one of the best pictures ever....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ruby goes to Uncle John's Cider Mill.......

We're in Michigan visiting family so, a few days ago we took a short drive to Uncle John's Cider Mill. Mmmmm fresh apple cider and donuts!

We decided to do some shopping.....

do we want to buy some flowers? nah too late in the season

Or some Apples? nah we can get those anywhere.

What about some honey? Nah, that might spill in the suitcase.

Hmmm, a scarecrow? Too big to carry on the plane.

What about a tiny pumpkin? hmmm, maybe.

There looks like at least one good one in this pile!

14 lbs! SOLD!!!

She looks kind of tired, but still delightful, pack her up! we're taking this one home!