Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear Ruby,
Today you are four months old. I can't believe you've been here for four months, and at the same time, it seems like you've always been here. Funny how a baby can make time seem so different.
You are getting so strong! You love to hold your head up (most of the time - until you start screeching).

And today you rolled over from back to front! (with some coaching from Tyler). I have yet to get you rolling from tummy to back on video, but you've been doing it for a while.

You also LOVE talking. If someone talks back you can carry on a conversation for quite a while. You love chatting with things like the ceiling light, or other such objects. It's quite hilarious.

You have a new friend. Jerry Seinfeld. You like him a lot

You like him so much, you try to eat him, just like everything else you get your hands on.

You also have another new friend..... Greyson Lee! He was born 3 days ago and is as sweet as can be. Is it possible that only four months ago you were that tiny?

Here he is in his tiny perfection.... Sigh. Doncha just wanna snif him?

I can't believe you've been here for four months. You are so much fun! You make me laugh several times a day, and your smile melts me. The way you light up when your daddy comes in the room is enough to make my heart explode.

I love how LOVED you make me feel. After four months I think we are beginning to really see who you are going to be. As much as I love everyday with you, I also can't wait to see what you'll do next. You are the most amazing person I've ever met, and my proudest moment all rolled into one. I know I say this everymonth in your letter... but I am SO glad you're here.

All of my love, Mama


Celeste said...

what you're experiencing now is the only Hope i need... i'm so glad you finally get to be a mama.

Tina said...

What gorgeous photos. Your little girl is sooooo cute.

Isn't is amazing what motherhood does to you. These are the best times of my life.

KoolKnitter said...


PlazaJen said...

How is it possible that Ruby gets cuter, and cuter, and cuter? Eventually she is going to make my monitor just blow to bits because it won't be able to produce her image properly. ACK! She's just flippin' adorable and I want to snorgle her li'l neck and see that smile!

Ruby's Nana said...

Thank you for posting every new accomplishment. I'm enjoying Ruby so much even though I'm not physically there.
RUBY, You are a delight!

Kimberly said...

I love her screech! I also love getting to hear your voice K..

Charlie said...

Great pix... my fave, on the pumpkin pile. Ruby's nearly the same age as our li'l miss T. Congrats.

Brenda said...

4 months already! What an amazing lil' gift.