Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time for a little guessing game...

Well as we approach b-day (birth- day) I'm curious what everyones guesses are....

So comment and tell me what you think...
boy or girl?
when will he/she arrive?
how much will he/she weigh?

Who ever is closest will win....... eh, nothing but they can have bragging rights. ;)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

38 weeks....

Baby could come any time in the next month. We're pretty much ready, just need to get the car seat installed, although since we're planning a home birth, it's not likely to be used anytime soon. All the baby clothes are washed and put away. The diapers have been washed, folded and put away. The birth kit has been purchased, and all supplies are ready. Let's get this party started!

At our most recent visit with the midwives, all was perfectly normal. I've gained about 35 lbs (and I'm starting to feel it), blood pressure is low, baby has dropped and is head down. Nothing to report really... I'm feeling good, other than some occasional back pain when i sit for too long and a wee bit of foot swelling when i've been on them for too long. I think today was my last day at work (I may work one day next week)... and I'm glad. I'm ready to nap often and lie on the couch knitting endlessly.

So without further ado... here are the most recent pix... As you can see, these pjs no longer fit, but I'm not about to go out and buy new ones to wear for 3 weeks!

And a close up of the tattoo...

Remember... it used to look like this.....

WOW!!! I'm quite curious what it will look like when it's all over... Only time will tell!

And now... if you'd like to see the never ending cute that came in the mail this week....... Head over to KnittingZen

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yard update... The landscapers are done!

Well, they'll be back some time in the next couple of weeks to plant the trees, but the brunt of their work is finished.... so when they left on friday, this is what things looked like...

Then we spent a lot of time (and a wee bit of money) at the nursery, and with a shovel... and here is what things look like at the end of the weekend.

And here is proud papa and master lawn water-er :D

Nothing exciting to report regarding baby... 37 weeks, still cooking! Feeling good, hopefully will stop working soon, but we'll see!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ch ch ch ch changes!

What happens when you take this off?


Everyone says you get your hair cut when you're pregnant.. but... I say, no you get your hair cut when you want a hair cut. Besides, it's been hotter than hades here, so losing 11 inches of hair was a good thing. I've had long hair forever... so time for something new!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Professional pix.....

I was going to post pix of our 36 week belly... but that was almost a week ago, and I figured I'd just wait till 37 weeks for the update. However, we did just get our professional shots back. They haven't been touched up, but they still look pretty good. I'll post a few of the highlights, we had a few done that are a little more 'risque' but they won't be on the internets.... sorry... I'm not sharing THAT MUCH of myself with you!

And of course, No photo shoot would be complete without Ryan and I being complete dorks.....

Back later this week with a 37 week update... For now, I must clean carpets and survive the heat!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Birth Blessing

My fabulous friend and doula Jackie is having a birth blessing for me :) Since I'm not a huge fan of the whole baby shower - and not having one (yeah, most people look at me like I'm insane), a birth blessing is perfect for me. For those that don't know what a birth blessing is, it's really a time where the women friends of the mother gather around her, and offer love, blessings and support. Everyone brings a bead for the mother, and one for the baby to create a necklace for the mother to focus on during labor.
We've got it planned for the 3rd of June. If you're interested, I'd love to have your blessings included! Send a bead and your blessing to Jackie by the 3rd, and we'll read it at the event. Email Jackie at for info.

Much love and blessings to all of you! :D

PS, I know a lot of family is reading along... and we've been asked about a registry... we did register (see the sidebar), and are grateful for all gifts, although home made things are always extra special!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yard Update, and THE ROOM IS DONE!!! (Yep, I really mean it, it's done.... just need to move the furniture back in).

So... Here is what our front yard is looking like 2 weeks into all of the landscaping.

Before - overgrown grass and broken fence

After - we have a driveway and parking strip!

Before - over grown grass and weeds

After - retaining walls!

Before - another view of the overgrown grass

After - another view of the retaining walls!

this is the start of the walkway.

and Finally... a few pix of the finished room. I am in love :)

The lorax has a tree, and a quote!

View of the side wall, and the main wall

Cubbies, done, with baskets!

Today Ryan repainted all the trim while I did the quote. Then I vacuumed, and used our (never before out of the box) carpet cleaner and now the room is READY! (not for a baby, but for the stuff to move back in!).

Monday is our home visit with the Midwives, and then Ryan is off to NY for the rest of the week on a business trip. He will be missed! By the time he gets home, the yard may be finished also! (except the planting of all the plants......)
Nana's Surprise party!!!

Last Sunday we had a surprise party for my Mom's 60th birthday. My dad rented a room at a fantastic local restaraunt/hotel, McMenamins, Edgefield. My sisters and I arrived early, set things up, and waited......

She was totally surprised! tears and all.

She donned a tiara, and a wand, as all 60 year olds really want to be a princess....

Skits were performed, gifts were given (including an amazing scrapbook my oldest sister put together with pictures going back to my mom's childhood) and much food and drink consumed.

Of course, there was the requisite attack the pregnant lady hour...

Here are my three nieces Kailie, Amelia and Kelcie all trying to feel the baby move.

Then Nana had to get in on the action.

Last but not least.. I have to include these pix of Amelia's morning hair....

Later I'll post some pix of the new work in the yard......