Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yard Update, and THE ROOM IS DONE!!! (Yep, I really mean it, it's done.... just need to move the furniture back in).

So... Here is what our front yard is looking like 2 weeks into all of the landscaping.

Before - overgrown grass and broken fence

After - we have a driveway and parking strip!

Before - over grown grass and weeds

After - retaining walls!

Before - another view of the overgrown grass

After - another view of the retaining walls!

this is the start of the walkway.

and Finally... a few pix of the finished room. I am in love :)

The lorax has a tree, and a quote!

View of the side wall, and the main wall

Cubbies, done, with baskets!

Today Ryan repainted all the trim while I did the quote. Then I vacuumed, and used our (never before out of the box) carpet cleaner and now the room is READY! (not for a baby, but for the stuff to move back in!).

Monday is our home visit with the Midwives, and then Ryan is off to NY for the rest of the week on a business trip. He will be missed! By the time he gets home, the yard may be finished also! (except the planting of all the plants......)


Celeste said...

things are moving right along!! the room looks really wonderful, and is a testament to your excitment and welcome for the little one who is soon to arrive! the yard looks fantastic - can't wait to see the rest...

Creative Genius? said...

The room looks FANTASTIC!!! Wanna come do ours???

Heather said...

Can you come to Iowa and paint our nursery? I don't have ANY idea what we are going to do with it!! Everything I think of requires great amounts of creative ability, of which I have ZERO!!

Kimberly said...

That is the most amazing nursery. I just adore it. You have one lucky little baby on the way.

keeta said...

The nursery and your yard look great! You guys are amazing for doing that nursery yourselves, it is soooo cool!