Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma!! (For those not in the know... Grandma is Ryan's mom.. and Nana is my mom)

Today is Grandma's birthday.... So since she can't be here, we have some photos for her to enjoy!!!
Ryan decided to join us for a pix or two :)

He also spread a little love while he was in the room

And of course, the regular weekly update pix.....
34 weeks from the front

and from the side

Seems a wee bit larger eh? well we've put on a few pounds in the past couple of weeks (well more than a few... but who's counting?) Feeling good, tired as hell, but good. Not much to complain about. A little back pain, a little heartburn, but nothing that can't be dealt with. In two weeks we are cleared for home birth, and in 6 weeks we hit our estimated due date.. but of course the baby can come before that.. or several weeks after, so don't get too excited, anything can happen. Goonie moves like crazy. Likes to stick his(or her) little butt out ... and his (or her) little feet out at the same time.. let me tell you, that is a wee bit, uncomfortable. And we look a little lopsided when that happens. When he (or she) is rolling around, it's like two pigs fighting under a blanket in there.... quite a sight to behold!

Ryan gets to go fishing this weekend for a short overnight trip.. and boy does he need a little vacation! He's been working all day, then coming home and working on projects till WAY to late at night. But stuff has to get done, and he's a perfectionist. Tonight he said "I'm going to miss you guys!"... aw... he'll be missed here too, but I think we can find a way to occupy ourselves for a day or two!
I'm hoping to finish painting the nursery tomorrow, but since he's taking the camera with him you'll have to wait till the end of the weekend to see what it looks like!

We had some landscaping start this week also.... I'll show you some 'before' pix.... and then have some updates as to what's changed. You'll see.. it's going to be HUGE.

These are all the back yard, before anything happened... Yes.. we had a lot of weeds. yes.. i know it looks like crap.

And here is the front yard, before.... yeah.. it's pretty crappy too.

When Ryan gets home from fishing we'll show you the changes after one week. It's amazing! They did more in 15 minutes then I could have done all summer. I realized after they'd been working for an hour that they were worth EVERY penny we were paying them. You'll see... oh yes, you'll see!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Room update! It's not completely finished... but it's oh so close. I did the ceiling and some detail work yesterday, and here's where we stand now....

This wall is DONE. Well it needs a cloud or two...

This wall is DONE... well it also needs a cloud or two!

These are the pix of the Once-lers house. Since i'm not an artist, it's not the best.. but hey.. it's still pretty cute!

if you look closely.. you can see his beady little eyes peeking out!

Of course, this is the street of the Lifted Lorax!

Swamee Swan anyone? Can you hear the swamee swan's song? I can... It says! I'm done painting!!!

Brown barbaloots! last time you saw them, they didn't have eyes, very creepy... yes. very creepy.

And this... is what the cubbies will be used for. Satchel didn't waste anytime climbing in there and getting comfy! Actually there will be shelves and baskets for clothes and toys and books.. but until then, it's perfect for hiding in!

While I was painting yesterday Ryan and our friend Dan (and his son Finn) spent some quality time with the (yet unnamed) boat they bought last summer.

It was a glorious day in Portland!!

Of course, doing too much yesterday makes for a pooped prego today. Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. so today was spent doing a lot of this.....
Ah.. this is the life!
Oh yeah... 33 weeks... All is well!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alas, I won't be showing you pictures of the finished nursery. It's close.... very close, but no cigar! I will be showing you some progress tho! :D

Remember this? This is what the other wall in the baby's room looked like before.... Boring! The door leads to the crawl space.

A few changes...

Ryan working on the second cubby.

Two cubbies done! now for more paint! He brilliantly got these completely done in one weekend! they need a wee bit of sanding, and painting of course, and then shelves, but they are done!

I also spent lots of time working on the dresser that was given to us by our sweet friend Jackie. It's the dresser she used as a changing table with both of her sweet sons. We are blessed to have it!

Here's what it looked like before.

And after I had my way with it!

Hopefully the goons room will be finished this week... not likely, but hopefully!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

32 weeks! Holy cow!

Can you believe we could be having a baby in 6-8 weeks? yeah... crazy!
Things are getting crazy around here. Lots of house projects rushing to get finished, the baby's room is still half finished, many loose ends need to be tied up. However, we have PLENTY of time, right!? Right!

Hmmmm looks like someone's had a big meal!

The tattoo is definitely stretching.... you just can't see it in this picture!

Had an appointment with the midwife today, all is well, all is well. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

More baby projects!
I spent a lot of my day sewing/serging and here are the finished projects!

Project 1....
I found this super cute (and maybe vintage?) fabric at the knittn kitten (a local craft thrift shop) and decided it must be a baby blanket! I orignally had bought some super soft fleece to back it with.. but it proved to be a complete nightmare. Therefore.... today I went shopping for a little flannel... and voila!

I just love the detail! N is for night crawler!

Project 2....
Recieving blankets!

Project 3....
Burp cloths! Double sided flannel, serged together. Some of these are for me.. and some are for an online baby shower for several women who are due this spring.

Close up of the three types of burp cloths, all thrift store flannel, all super cute.

Project 4....
Butt Wipes! Fleece on one side, terry on the other, serged together. I also made some that are double sided fleece. Simple... but they are for wiping poo! No need to get fancy.

I plan on making more butt wipes, and burp cloths, just have to keep looking for fabric remnants.. it's the cheapest way to go! I may make some more recieving blankets.. since everyone and their sister are having babies right now. :)

I also spent a few more hours painting.. nothing to show yet.. but if all goes well this week and next weekend, we may have some more mural photos for you. Ryan started building the cubbies that will go in the walls, so I'm going to wait on any photos till those are done. Next time you see the baby stuff room, it will be finished. I hope!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

We have diaper storage!!!

So today I finished a little project for the baby's room. I bought this at a thrift store a long time ago. It used to have glass panes in it that said "Onions, Potato, Bread" ... but I took that out and repainted and........ I replaced the glass with flannel and lined the inside with fleece (it's so much softer than contact paper.)

Top shelf - kissaluvs (a prefitted dipe)

Second shelf - cotton prefolds and doublers for pocket diapers

Third shelf - covers (bummis, wraps, and soakers)

These are only the newborn sized diapers (6-10 lbs - I'll kill Ryan if I give birth to someone larger than 10 lbs). There are many many more prefolds, that will end up somewhere else (haven't figured that out yet). and all the larger dipes (yeah, there are a lot) will also go somewhere else... (probably in storage till we need them).
I also spent a good portion of the day painting the other two walls in the baby's room (baby stuff room is more like it since the baby will be sleeping with us) I've got one coat up, and will hopefully get a second coat done tomorrow, and maybe some detail work also. Hopefully Ryan will get to building the cubbies soon, so we can have the room finished. Next I need to find a used dresser that we can paint the same colors and use the top for a changing table. It's all coming together!