Sunday, April 23, 2006

Room update! It's not completely finished... but it's oh so close. I did the ceiling and some detail work yesterday, and here's where we stand now....

This wall is DONE. Well it needs a cloud or two...

This wall is DONE... well it also needs a cloud or two!

These are the pix of the Once-lers house. Since i'm not an artist, it's not the best.. but hey.. it's still pretty cute!

if you look closely.. you can see his beady little eyes peeking out!

Of course, this is the street of the Lifted Lorax!

Swamee Swan anyone? Can you hear the swamee swan's song? I can... It says! I'm done painting!!!

Brown barbaloots! last time you saw them, they didn't have eyes, very creepy... yes. very creepy.

And this... is what the cubbies will be used for. Satchel didn't waste anytime climbing in there and getting comfy! Actually there will be shelves and baskets for clothes and toys and books.. but until then, it's perfect for hiding in!

While I was painting yesterday Ryan and our friend Dan (and his son Finn) spent some quality time with the (yet unnamed) boat they bought last summer.

It was a glorious day in Portland!!

Of course, doing too much yesterday makes for a pooped prego today. Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. so today was spent doing a lot of this.....
Ah.. this is the life!
Oh yeah... 33 weeks... All is well!


Heide said...

The room looks GREAT!!!! And so do you, ou fabulous breeder! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a lucky little goonie!!!! Momma is looking great!!!
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!
Satchel is so cute!

Heather said...

The room looks WONDERFUL!! I don't know how you can say otherwise!! Artist or no artist it is 100% better than what it would look like if I did it!!

C.Cheapskate said...

What do you mean you aren't an artist? !!!! Mama, that paint job in that room ROCKS MY SOCKS! SO cool! What a wonderful place to grow up :-)

LOVE, love, LOVE the Breeder shirt! You must tell me where you got it - I *have* to have one! LOL

Lots of love to you and belly rubs to that little goonie! :-)

PlazaJen said...

Your pic made me smile. I love that room, the Goon is one lucky bambino! You guys did an AWESOME job on it all, and never discount your abilities & skills, they're incredible.

And thank you for your kind words you've left for me. It's a tough go right now & feeling supported by so many is a gift.

Celeste said...

look at that belly! look at those walls! such creative energy, it's amazing... i can't believe you painted that - it looks like pre-made stencils or something! "I'm no artist" BAH!

you kick serious ass!

Devon said...

Clearly there is something seriously wrong with your eyes. You think that mural is NOT absuolutely fantastic but you couldn't find all the flubs in the sweater I made? *shakes head*

You did an AWESOME job. And I love that pic of you-- so cute! I guess I was wrong about Portland, it looks pretty damn sunny!

KoolKnitter said...

the room looks so great!!! i'm so impressed!!!

Beagle said...

Just found your blog . . . What an amazing room!