Sunday, April 09, 2006

More baby projects!
I spent a lot of my day sewing/serging and here are the finished projects!

Project 1....
I found this super cute (and maybe vintage?) fabric at the knittn kitten (a local craft thrift shop) and decided it must be a baby blanket! I orignally had bought some super soft fleece to back it with.. but it proved to be a complete nightmare. Therefore.... today I went shopping for a little flannel... and voila!

I just love the detail! N is for night crawler!

Project 2....
Recieving blankets!

Project 3....
Burp cloths! Double sided flannel, serged together. Some of these are for me.. and some are for an online baby shower for several women who are due this spring.

Close up of the three types of burp cloths, all thrift store flannel, all super cute.

Project 4....
Butt Wipes! Fleece on one side, terry on the other, serged together. I also made some that are double sided fleece. Simple... but they are for wiping poo! No need to get fancy.

I plan on making more butt wipes, and burp cloths, just have to keep looking for fabric remnants.. it's the cheapest way to go! I may make some more recieving blankets.. since everyone and their sister are having babies right now. :)

I also spent a few more hours painting.. nothing to show yet.. but if all goes well this week and next weekend, we may have some more mural photos for you. Ryan started building the cubbies that will go in the walls, so I'm going to wait on any photos till those are done. Next time you see the baby stuff room, it will be finished. I hope!

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