Thursday, April 13, 2006

32 weeks! Holy cow!

Can you believe we could be having a baby in 6-8 weeks? yeah... crazy!
Things are getting crazy around here. Lots of house projects rushing to get finished, the baby's room is still half finished, many loose ends need to be tied up. However, we have PLENTY of time, right!? Right!

Hmmmm looks like someone's had a big meal!

The tattoo is definitely stretching.... you just can't see it in this picture!

Had an appointment with the midwife today, all is well, all is well. Just gotta keep on keeping on.


Anonymous said...

awwww, look at you all big and round!!! you look awesome!!!

~jessviola (who can't remember her login info!)

Debstmomy said...

You are so cute!!!

Sage Femme said...

you look so beautiful, korin! look at you! wow!