Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alas, I won't be showing you pictures of the finished nursery. It's close.... very close, but no cigar! I will be showing you some progress tho! :D

Remember this? This is what the other wall in the baby's room looked like before.... Boring! The door leads to the crawl space.

A few changes...

Ryan working on the second cubby.

Two cubbies done! now for more paint! He brilliantly got these completely done in one weekend! they need a wee bit of sanding, and painting of course, and then shelves, but they are done!

I also spent lots of time working on the dresser that was given to us by our sweet friend Jackie. It's the dresser she used as a changing table with both of her sweet sons. We are blessed to have it!

Here's what it looked like before.

And after I had my way with it!

Hopefully the goons room will be finished this week... not likely, but hopefully!


Anonymous said...

The room is certainly coming along! Looks wonderful!! You are soo crafty.
-Amanda H

C.Cheapskate said...

Beautiful! I love the cubbies! (What a great idea!) and the painting looks so wonderful ... what a great place for a kid's imagination to grow! :-)

We're such slackers ... we've done next to nothing ... well, I washed some diapers and C put the changing table together. We have bought paint ... just not used it yet LOL

Best Wishes! LOVE that big baby belly!

Devon said...

Looks great!!

Heather said...

Again, LOVE the colors!! I wish I had half of your creativity!!