Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ruby goes to Uncle John's Cider Mill.......

We're in Michigan visiting family so, a few days ago we took a short drive to Uncle John's Cider Mill. Mmmmm fresh apple cider and donuts!

We decided to do some shopping.....

do we want to buy some flowers? nah too late in the season

Or some Apples? nah we can get those anywhere.

What about some honey? Nah, that might spill in the suitcase.

Hmmm, a scarecrow? Too big to carry on the plane.

What about a tiny pumpkin? hmmm, maybe.

There looks like at least one good one in this pile!

14 lbs! SOLD!!!

She looks kind of tired, but still delightful, pack her up! we're taking this one home!


Breana said...

What a DOLL!!!! Thanks so much for posting while you're out of town...we all need our "Ruby fix"! Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at O'Hara thinks Ruby is absolutely ADORABLE!
I need a bigger bulletin board in my office!

Johanna said...

pretty pretty Ruby. Yeah, you picked a good one ;)

PlazaJen said...

OK, I realize Miss R has many delightful outfits - but I have to say hands-down, overalls are the cutest thing ever on her. She is the best punkin in the patch!

Heather said...

Wow!! It looks like you had lots of fun!! I think she gets cuter with every picture!!

Anonymous said...

looks like you've been having some fun... but you've had that pumpkin home for a week now and i think we need some pumpkin pie!

miss you!