Friday, September 29, 2006

Ruby's day in hats.....

Yes. we did make her try this on.

And this one too.

Yo homies, Not liking this hat, no.

This one, it's ok. But I'm not sold on it.

This one is cute, but I HATE IT ON MY HEAD!!! GET IT OFFFFFF!!!!!

I look cute - but it's a wee bit small.

I'm just the cutest bear in the forest!

I think I look the best in this one. What do you think of my Uncle Kurt?


Lisa said...

She's such a good sport. I like the denim one the best :-)

Auntie Bug said...

I love the denim one but Kurt in the white hat is too cute for words. I didn't know he was out visiting! Hope you are all having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Ruby Ruby RUBY!
You are SO adorable!
Nana & Grandpa get to take new pictures of you to work EVERY DAY!
We like to brag a LOT!
(Why is your Uncle Kurt trying to upstageYou?)

Johanna said...

good lord those pictures are classic!

Jessica said...

OMgoodness! I just love seeing pics of Ruby. What a cutie.