Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi everyone! did you miss me?

Well, we're back from the beach, and we had a rocking good time. Well, more of a bouncing good time, as we have decided (smartly) not to go anywhere without Ruby's favorite soothing mechanism.... The big red exercise ball!Auntie Lyn bounced me for a bit, but I'm still cranky!

We had a fantastic condo with a lovely kitchen... lots of delish food was consumed! mmmmmmm fresh fish! french toast! mmmmmm! We went for walks around town,

and on the beach, in a super warm and comfy fleece pouch we borrowed from my friend Nichol (i'm on the hunt for one for me now!) it was chilly but the sun did come out eventually. we enjoyed most of the weekend watching whales from our panoramic windows.

And Ruby sported some cute new baby legs! (legwarmers for baby - much easier to change a diaper with these on than pants!)

Of course there was much much Ruby loving going on all weekend. We feel pretty lucky to have this little person in our lives!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a size small adjustable fleece pouch I'm not using. Avocado green. Ya want it?

Johanna said...

good, I needed a good ruby fix. :D

Anonymous said...

Ruby must have loved the sound of the waves. Thanks for the pix!
I was really missing them.

Jenn said...

Ruby is so adorable. Thanks for sharing her with me.

Jofrog said...

That last picture is such a wonderful one! With everything being digital, it's hard to remember to make prints, but that one is a keeper for sure! I'm glad you guys had a great time.

Devon said...

Is that a KKAFP? I got one for a friend of mine and she just loved it! They seem so soft and cozy.

rach said...

What a blessed little girl. To have to parents who obviously adore her so.

rach said...

I just spelled "two" as "to".
What is wrong with me?