Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, I've been a bad bad blogger. Sorry about that... but I've been busy just being mama and such.

We got back from Michigan a week ago (Susan, I am going to call you back, I am, really!!!!). While we were there Ruby got to meet a lot of family!

Aunt Mary spent a lot of time loving on Ruby and of course brought more cute knitted love!

Ruby met three more cousins (well second cousins if you want to be specific, but who cares!)

She also met the whole Rasmussen/Piotrowski Family - what a bunch of crazies!

Yes... this is an explosion of PINK. It's PINK.. but it's still cute. :)

On a walk with dad... she looks a lot like him I think!

She has been sleeping a LOT.
She sleeps while shopping.
She slept on the plane.

She has also been eating a LOT.
She eats nose.
She eats chin.

Someone is growing!

Oh yeah... she rolled over. Once in Michigan - but I think it was a surprise...... then on sunday she rolled over on purpose (with excellent coaching, thanks Tyler!)! Of course we didn't get it on video... but we will. soon soon.

I'll leave you with this.... quite possibly one of the best pictures ever....


Megan said...

She has changed so much. Such a little love!

mamadaisy said...

the lack of striped rainbow leggings are my one true regret about having only boys (i don't think they would forgive me for making them wear rainbow leggings).

beautiful pictures. beautiful baby.

PlazaJen said...

Oh man, she is growing. That pink hat ROCKS! Such a sweetie-pie. I love her smile.

Auntie Bug said...

Ruby is beautiful - that last picture is definately going into the scrapook right!?

Ruby's Nana said...

I needed a Ruby fix!
Thanks for the great pix Kori.
Ruby gets more beautiful every day.
What a lucky baby to have so much loving family all over the country.

sweethomealagirl said...

definitely one of the best pictures ever...I have missed those pictures :)

Anonymous said...

she is so beautiful!!!

keeta said...

OMG Ruby is sooooooo cute! Lovin' those cheeks.

Anonymous said...

OK, who made the red hat she is wearing while outside??? SO sweet... And the best picture yet...I would have to agree!
I love you and your sweet family!!!
Auntie J