Friday, July 28, 2006

Today Ruby brings you news from the back yard! No... not more pix of her lying in the grass. Today we'll give you an idea of what's going on back there!

So .... we started off with a bunch of nothing... just a pile of weeds and a lot of dirt.

Then the landscapers did this.... (that's Kurt and Adam inspecting...)

Then... Kurt and Adam did this....

Now... it looks like this!

This will be Ruby (and all of her buddies) play house!

Ruby finds all this construction exhausting. Yawn!

Last but not least.... Ruby had a rough night last night (well Mama had a rough night)... Ruby must have beena bit gassy, as she was really figitey and punchy all night. We still put socks on her little paws to keep her from clawing mama to death.... So this morning when dad (he's working fromhome today) woke up he took Ruby down stairs so mama could get a wee bit more sleep. I call this pix... Ruby and her monkey fists.


Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness! Those monkey socks! adorable! Miss Ruby, adorable! (as ever)

and, wow! I'm mighty impress w/ the construction - and how cool that Miss Ruby will have a play house! She'll be the envy of the 'hood :-)

XOXO! - Kara

Kimberly said...

Whoa wait, is that whole house for Ruby? Do you rent out the workers (and I assume they come free) - and when can I come play?

Devon said...

Ah, where would I be without the Daily Ruby??

Johanna said...

Crouching Tiger, Punching Monkey Fists.

Thanks for the Ruby Goodness!

Anonymous said...

Ruby's playhouse nees a skylight so she can have some sunshine, or watch the Oregon rain come down, & when she has a sleepover with her buddies, they can see the stars.

Heather said...

And what adorable monkey fists they are!!

Cousin Kelcie said...