Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're about to attempt a nap (well she's already napping, I'm hoping to join her!)... so this will be a short cuteness update.

Here's a shot of her saying Hi to dad... he needed a ruby pick me up at the office today. :)

and of course.. here is Ruby the activist.. raising her fist to the man. Yes.... the man, the feds, whitey.... you know... the man!


spradiva said...

You're amazing. I'm so impressed with all the updates. She's adorable and you'll love looking back on these in the future.

PlazaJen said...

Fight the power, Ruby.

Mexico City, 1968. Fist in the air. Feel the strength.

Joi said...

Damn the man, Ruby! Damn the man!

Devon said...

Dang, Korin... you guys have a BABY! And she's freakin' cute! (not that I am surprised by the second part but the first one is throwing me a little)
Seriously. Like, no baby, then you were pregnant, and now there's a baby. And she's gonna grow and turn into a person :p


Jessikate said...

Oh my gosh, she's the third most beautiful baby ever (right behind my two, of course) and I LOVE her name.


Kimberly said...

You are too funny! God, seeing Ruby makes me want my baby out now!!

Power to the people Ruby!

Alexandria said...

Hahaha. So funny. I grew up on civil rights and anti-war marches with super-political parents, so Ruby would fit right in with my family!