Monday, July 03, 2006

Of poop and zombies....

Ruby is a great pooper. She loves to poop. after a poop she gets a serious zen look on her face, like... all is right with the world, I have pooed, and the universe is in perfect order. This morning, right after Ryan changed an incredibly wet diaper, mere seconds after snapping the last snap on the fresh dipe, she let loose - she likes a fresh palate on which to do her work. Of course this makes for a little more diaper laundry... but what's a few more dirty dipes if you have a happy baby butt?

Nana made this adorable jacket/hat combo... it's fleece so it's only used in the early morning/evening. But she's oh so cute in it!

When Ruby is sleeping she has many time where she startles (called the Moro Reflex) and her arms reach out... then she freezes...Like a zombie baby.

She had another bath this week, and she just LOVES the water! She also loves her new towel...Nana spoiled her quite a bit with sweet homemade treats!

She's a bit smaller than dad... but I think she's gonna be bigger than mom eventually!

Nat and Nancy came over and made hand and foot prints! Can't wait to see how they finish :D

Last, here she is having some love with mama....She smells so sweet, I just can't get enough of her!


Johanna said...

Ah, just can't get enough pics! Thank you for sharing once again. She is just BEAUTIFUL. I adore the last picture. *happy sigh*

RACH said...

Enjoy her, so much.

Wasn't Lucy just that little?

They are so, so fun.

She is a BEAUTY!

KoolKnitter said...

great pics, mama!

kris said...

A beautiful family!

Jenni said...

Ayanna has that preference for a clean slate on which to poop, too. It is great fun!