Friday, July 14, 2006

Last night Ruby had her first taste of Flying Pie Pizza. Mmmmmm Flying Pie! best pizza in town.. and only 4 blocks from home!

Of couse, she slept through most of the adventure, bu she sure loved the pizza later!

We walked there and back... Ruby loves walking in the neighborhood. Especially with people who love her so much!

Of course, once she'd had her fill of pizza milk, she passed out... Shhhhhh Ruby's sleeping!

Last but not least.... when grandma arrived, there was a whole box of treats! many many soakers made by (guess who!) the fantastic Aunt Mary

Michigan State Green!!! (stay tuned for more cutie patootie soaker pix - and sweaters and hats too!)

Grandma also got in on the hand made gift action... she made Miss Rubylicious six blankets with a Lorax theme! this one is the brown barbaloots. Hand embroidered with a crochet edge. soooo cute.. and made with grandma love!

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Jenni said...

We were just talking about Flying Pie Pizza last night. Of course, that was after we ate our Pizza Hut and were upset that we hadn't thought of Flying Pie first. It would be easier if we were close like you. So jealous.