Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Ruby-licious adventures!!

Last night we went up to Mt. Tabor Park for a concert in the park! Ruby LOVES live music!! She was happy as can be the whole time.. and was wide awake and rocking out!

She loved hanging out on top of mama's chest.. lots of love time.

Daddy and Uncle Kurt (aka Uncle Shiny Head) are so in love with me!

My daddy is from Michigan, and my mommy is from California.. but THIS....
This is what babies born in Oregon look like.

Whew! That was exhausting!

Once we got home, a bath was in order... this will be her last bath in the bathroom sink.. she's outgrowing it!
The pix on the left is from her first bath, and the one on the right was yesterday!

Tomorrow we go to see Ellie our midwife for Ruby's one month checkup... we'll see how big she's gotten!


Jofrog said...

Yeah for Ruby! Yeah for Music! How is the cloth diapering going? I'd love to see a post on it, now that you are an old pro of one whole month!

Joie said...

Hi, Korin! Ruby is absolutely gorgeous! Good for you!! Sorry, I have taken so long to offer my congratulations, but, well, I'm sure you understand...So, I was there last night as well, although I was up in the Mt. Tabor version of the "crying room" with all the other dog owners. We never miss a Tabor concert...maybe I'll see you there some time!

Johanna said...

You know, I just didn't see how it would be possible for her to get cuter. Yeah, well, you stumped me again. Cuter and cuter. ;)

Frogmorest said...

She is so adorable! I love reading your blog and reading about the "adventures of Ruby" :)

Tammy (on your mdc dd board)

Alexandria said...

Ha! What great pictures. And commentary to go with them! I love the tie-die. Very retro. And a whole month old now. Wow. She's getting up there!

This is the most fun blog! I can't wait to meet little Ruby in person!

Love, Alex

Anonymous said...

she is always so alert & interactive looking in her pictures! Some of them are so animated I can almmost hear the gurgles & coos - what a happy baby! :-)

I'm so excited to see how big she's gotten! Can you believe how fast this month has gone? (well, okay, except for the times it hasn't ... you know wwhat I mean?)

lots of love! Xoxo!
- Kara

Joi said...

Oh my! Just look at that little nugget...... I just want to eat her.


I have been craving baby ;)

Devon said...

What a fun night!! She is getting so so beautiful! (not that she wasn't before, but it's nice to see her a little more alert and smiley)

And what a big girl!!