Monday, January 01, 2007


Okee dokee...

New blog is located here

Check your email for a password. Please please please let me know if you have any problems. My mom was able to get in right away, so you should too. ((mom's not the most web savvy ;) ))

My plan is to gradually move everything over and take down all of the archives here. So if you want to keep reading you'd better email me soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll unlink you so you can have some privacy ;-) My email is (have I ever given you that? I swear, I'm such the slacker!)

Oh, and RYC - you can just use the link on my website, though Angie said it took a couple of days for hers to go through.

Off to catch up with the MDC thread! :-)

Much love! - Kara

The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

i need a login and password too

Jessica said...

send me the login and password for the new blog, pretty please :)