Saturday, December 24, 2005

16 weeks! And Christmas is here!!

Here's the current growth pattern....

And here.. is a special message for Grandma, who can't be with us this Christmas!

Here's what the goonlet looks like inside... I love this picture!

All is well, next midwife appointment is Jan 12th, and shortly after that we'll have another ultrasound, but don't expect to find out the sex of the baby, as we'll all have to wait till June for that. We love a surprise!
Hopefully you all will have a joyous and peaceful holiday weekend, filled with family, love and lots of delicious treats!


KoolKnitter said...

i think you are definitely looking preggo! very cute...

jessica said...

beee-yu-ti-full belly!!!!

Stacy said...

Dear Goonie~
I know you are excited to be born to a pair of rockin parents.
I am sure that you can't wait to burst out into the world, and leave your foot prints all over.
In fact, I can totally understand your eagerness. Because we are just as eager to see you.
However, sweetpea, we have a tiny little problem.
You aren't done cooking yet.
I won't ever tell you that you can't do something because of your gender or your size. I know that your parents would never tell you that either.
It's just this one time peanut, that I have to ask you to be patient. There are some very important parts to your very unique body that have to grow just a little more.
So please, don't scare your parents anymore. At least wait until you are out of Momma's belly and she can see all your owies.
Then you have permission from us all to conquer the world, and skin up your knees doing it!

Much Love

Angie said...

I love the belly pics. I'm jealous at your little pooch. I feel like I've been "super sized" from the very beginning. I was well in to maternity clothes by 16 weeks.

You're looking great. I can't wait to see the US pics. I don't know about with you, but our family and friends HATE that we're not finding out. They keep hoping we'll acidentally find out so they can know. So sorry Charley... you'll have to wait!

C.Cheapskate said...

Awwwwwwwww! OKay, you may win the prize for cutest holiday belly pic :)

Best Wishes!