Thursday, January 12, 2006

19 weeks!

Sorry we missed a week or two, but things have been a bit crazy here. New Years was a grand time, we partied all night long! Actually...... goon did more of the partying.... we had a little drama around 17 weeks, when the goonlet whooped it up a bit too much and we had a little episode of bleeding. However, one of the joys of having a midwife, within an hour we were lying on her table, listening to the swoosh swoosh swoosh of the heartbeat. NEVER has there been such a glorious sound! She also pulled out her trusty ultrasound machine and we got to take a peek at the bambino just for reassurance. All was well in there, but still my penance was a few days of bedrest. So... New Years weekend was spent in several different pairs of PJs... and it was a gloriously relaxing (after the stress of the incident finally abated) weekend.

Since then, all has been fine, and the goonie has been kicking up a storm! Ryan got to feel movement for the first time last weekend, but hasn't felt it since then... mainly cause he seems to miss all the action. The first few days after the bleeding, there was a kick or two a day, but since then it's pretty much all day, everyday, at completely random times. It's quite possibly the best feeling EVER. The fluttery sensations from weeks 15-16 were cool, but the thumps, bumps, rolls and kicks bring the house down. Ryan says it's the best smile ever, when he sees me feeling it... and he's right. it's the best.

So today was our 19 week appointment with the midwife, Ellie. All is well. I've gained 4 lbs this month which is right on track, and we heard the little heartbeat right away. We were able to listen for a minute, but then the goon apparently had enough, and kicked the doppler and swam away. Yeah, that's our kid, alright!
We have the 'big' ultrasound next tuesday, but before you ask... no we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby! We'll find that out in June when the goonie decides to make it's formal appearance. This ultrasound will be to measure all organs and what not and to just show that all is fine. Of course there will be some pictures to show also!

So... Here's the bump that is the goon...

Please ignore the dorky look on my face. What can I say? I'm a dork?

And finally, the front pix.. still no change in the Om tattoo... we'll see what happens next, as I'm pretty sure there's bound to be some big growth in the next few weeks!

And here is an inside view of what Goonie may be doing when he/she isn't Riverdancing....


KoolKnitter said...

i was gonna ask if the tattoo was changing yet. very cool!

kris said...

:) Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I missed you for a couple weeks. So glad everything is fine. Must be great to feel the baby move. Wish you would write more to keep us updated on how things are going.Uncle Joe will be calling Ryan to give him the latest on Troy. Love Aunt Mary