Sunday, February 05, 2006

22 Weeks

So, I promised I'd mention some names this week..... well it's sort of true. Since we decided not to find out the sex of the goon, it's not so easy to pick a name. Also, it's hard to name a person you've never met. I couldn't name a cat I haven't met, more or less a person! We usually have a pet for hours if not days before choosing a moniker. So... the same will apply to this little goonlet. We are of course collecting names we like, and Ryan has a list. Some nights when I take a warm bath, I'll read names from a name book outloud to see if goonie has a preference. Well, that's when she/he chose their own name..... I read this name and the kicking ensued.........

yes folks, come June, we'll be adding a little La Fonda to our family. My mom told me that La Fonda means "the shack" in spanish.... mmmmmmm little baby shack! ;) Would a boy be El Fondo? El Frodo? La Froda?

Ok... calm down, I'm kidding!

So, last night was the grand opening of my new office. Even though we moved in September, we had to put off the grand opening till February because there was so much going on. First Mona (our Naturopath) got married in October. Then we had the holidays.... and no one wants to host a huge party then, right? So... here we are, February! We had a big party last night, and will have free classes and events all month. The party last night was great fun.... we started at 4 PM with an accordian player and kids dancing (now that was fun to watch!). Then we had a storyteller/puppetshow, more fun! then we had a vocal artist who did a sound blessing of the space, (complete with a digeridoo) and then had a concert with a local celtic band. It was great fun.... we had tons of yummy food and beverages, and lots of friends and colleagues who stopped by to congratulate us and see the office. We moved in over labor day, but didn't get all the final details done lets just say we were puting the vinyl sign on the door and hanging the art at 3PM....
So without further ado... here is the fanciest pix you'll see of me during this pregnancy! My friend Scarlett found this gorgeous silk maternity dress at a thrift store, and it fits perfectly! Yes... i wore heels for 4 hours, and am pooped today!

PS... isn't Ryan hot?!

Here is our whole group - minus Lyn, as she is home with her terminally ill mother. She was there in spirit!

Front row - Mona (naturopath) Theresa (children/adolescent therapist)
Back row - me (chiropractor) gina (massage therapist) Christina (adult and couples therapist) Molly (acupuncturist)


Anonymous said...

Hey Korin, Hilary here

You look adorable in your dress. What a great find! Your clinic sounds like such an amazing place for healing body, mind and soul. Good luck with all the recent changes.


Anonymous said...

Korin you look great!! Your baby tum is adorable and no stretch marks!! Glad to hear your opening went off with a bang! Wanted to stop by but Noah was pooped after chess tournament. Made it to the State Competition! Hurray!! Hope to knit with you soon and glad to see all is well!

Anonymous said...

Goonie, your parents are gorgeous!
I can imagine you will be too.