Sunday, February 19, 2006

24 weeks - Painting!!

Well, knowing that we only have a few months before the Goonlet makes an appearance (at least, that's the plan!), we thought we should start working on the room that will house all the baby stuff. The baby will actually be sleeping with us, but we wouldn't mind a cute place for all of his/her gear/diapers/clothes.

Here are a few 'before' pix. It's a small room - about 7-13, and it's got the angled wall, but heck, the kids gonna be pretty short for a while, so it should work out for a few years. Besides, it's not like the goon is going to be sleeping in there! This little room is just off of our room, so all stuff will be within reach. Someday, when the kidlets are grown and ready to be in their own rooms downstairs, this little oasis will be my craft room. Someday... many many moons from now!

This is the big wall where most of the mural will be. Brown Barbaloots, Hummingfish, and SwameeSwans. Oh my!

Yes, it looks like Ryan is about to attack the stool, but he's not, he's describing where some piece of unbought furniture will be.

And here is a veiw from the door, where you can see the angled wall, and the crawl space. We're ( this should read : RYAN) is going to build some cubbies into the wall next to the crawl space that we can put baskets in for diapers and clothes and such. Since the room is small, we need all the space we can get, so one less dresser/shelf would be good. Also, it will be a good hide and seek place in a few years. ;)

Now... after a few hours of work.... No this wasn't free handed. We scanned the pix, and then used a power point projector to sketch it onto the walls. Before you say "oh it looks great!"... wait and see what it ends up like.. I could easily mess it up at the end!

Here is the Lorax pix after one coat of paint. He can't speak for the trees yet since we haven't actually given him a face.

Here's that big blank wall that will soon house hummingfish and whatnot!... now just a lake and some tree outlines.

And... after a snack and some more paint... The lorax lives!

So we're at 24 weeks. All is well, baby loves kicking, oreos (ok that may just be me), and loves when dad says "heeeeeey Goonie!" Still have nightly took-a took-a sessions, and enjoy the belly olympics before sleep. In a couple of weeks we're off to Playa del Carmen (about an hour south of Cancun) for a weeks vacation in the sun. It's a much needed trip, as we've had some heavy times as of late.
A very dear friend of mine, Joan (my friend Lyn's mother) died of cancer yesterday. She was ill for quite some time, and the last few weeks have been very difficult for all involved. She passed peacfully and beautifully surrounded by those who loved her yesterday morning, as the sun streamed through the windows. It was a sad, yet beautiful day of stories, singing, and laughter as we said good bye. We will miss her dearly, but are all so glad she is no longer suffering. Good bye Joan! You were one FAR OUT WOMAN. I'm blessed to have known you.


KoolKnitter said...

great lorax-it's gonna be a fun room!

Angie said...

I'm IMPRESSED!!! You're basically tackling what I was too chicken to do. I opted out of the mural idea and settled for a border because I wasn't sure enough of my paiting skills. Maybe when I paint Peanut's big kid room we'll get a little braver. LOL! I'll try to catch you on IM so I can get your address for the clock.

Good luck with the room. It's already looking GREAT!!! Keep up the awesome work!

kris said...

it looks fantastic!

All this, and you're artistic, too. How 'bout that.

Heather said...

The room looks great!! I'm not sure I could make it look that good even with a projector!!

Also, I'm sorry for your loss. We lost my uncle to cancer a week before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love it Korin. You are doing a great job!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl -
The room is looking great. Enjoy it because looking back on all of your hard work is half the fun. And wait til Goonie gets to be 2 like our "Yogi." It's AWESOME!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. I know it's been a long hard struggle for everyone. I will keep Joan, her family and you in my prayers as you get through the loss.

Love you! ~D

Anonymous said...

The mural is Awesome!!! Are you doing that all free-hand? You rock! Your little goonie is a lucky baby! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Hope to see you soon!
-Amanda H