Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ruby blows raspberries

It's short, but worth it. (just like me)

sigh. can't seem to get it to work... you'll have to go toyou tube


PlazaJen said...

cutest baby ever. I just adore her antics & it's been so fun to watch - even from afar - her development & growth! Just keep dem cheeks, Ruby! :)

mamadaisy said...

i say ppppbbbbsssspppp! (just how should one spell the sound of a raspberry?)

ruby is super cute.

Anonymous said...

Ruby you are ADORABLE!
& remember to say that to grampa when he tells you his tacky Grampa jokes.

Bear said...

Samantha likes to "pfffftttttt" at sporting events. She is SO her father's daughter.

I love me some Ruby! :)

Frogmorest said...

Okay THAT was adorable!!! She looks so very proud of herself too :)