Friday, December 29, 2006

So... I haven't posted in a week. SOMEBODY (not naming any names or pointing any fingers) refuses to go to sleep before 11PM. So I'm trying to put these up before we head out for the weekend to my parents house for the Mout Family Christmas Bonanza. It's not easy when she's shouting at me... but here you go.
The other outfit by Aunt Mary. OMG she looks so chunkalicious in this!

Showing Santa how to get around the globe.
Opening presents with Daddy and Mama at Grandmas house (can you see she gets her good looks from her Dad - cause I look like poo in that pix!)

More present opening. Lots (well only a few, which is what we asked) wooden toys. :D Great stuff!

Ok i'll try to post one more time this year.. but no promises!

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Anonymous said...

K, you are hott and your whole family could model for baby santa outfits and wood toys if you wanted. Adorable pics! Merry Christmas!