Friday, March 03, 2006

26 weeks! Heartburn and Vacations!

Yep, you read it... we're going on vacation! 9 days in sunny, warm fantastic Mexico. It's a much needed and much anticipated trip. We'll be spending the first three nights in Playa del Carmen (just south of Cancun) then two nights on the beach in Tulum, then three nights on Isla de Mujeres (the island for the Myan Goddess of Fertility - yes.. I think that's pretty funny). NINE days of sun, fun, and relaxation. When we return there will be many photos of the fun, the sun and the relaxation (and the belly in a bikini!).

The newest fun here has been a night (thankfully just one so far) of horrific heartburn, complete with reflux. Um... yeah, I'd rather just barf, thanks. Last night I went to bed with slight heartburn, spent hours trying to get comfortable, and ended up sleeping practically sitting up. I know many women have heartburn through out their pregnancies, and I'm hoping that isn't my fate. Fortunately, my naturopath (and coworker) sent me home today with some enzymes that will hopefully help, and I haven't had any today.

Thankfully, I've been feeling great other than that. I love this part. :) Lots of movement, all day long, sure makes for an exciting life. Most nights as we get ready for bed, I'm still amazed that I have this big belly, and that there is a person growing in there. I'm not sure if Ryan is getting sick of hearing it, but THERE IS SOMEBODY IN THERE!

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