Friday, March 31, 2006

30 weeks and the final vacation post!

Yep. you read it.... 30 weeks! 10 weeks to due date, 6 weeks till we are safe for home birth. A little crazy, eh? You're telling me!!!
Had a good MW appointment this week.... stats are as follows.
Weight gain 3 lbs in 2 weeks - over all about 23 lbs.
Blood Pressure - 106/64 low and perfect!
Pee - no protein, no sugar, excellent!
Blood - slightly iron deficient, but nothing a little extra spinach can't cure.
Heartbeat - about 140 and perfect.
Uterus measuring 29 cm and having lovely regular braxton hicks contractions, warming up for for the big show!
Glucose tolerance test declined.
Goonie moves ALL THE TIME. It's quite possibly the best part about being pregnant. I know I'll miss it when he/she is out here. There is some occasional back pain, but nothing horrible, and rare heartburn. Of course I'm HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. ALL.THE.TIME. I'm pretty sure there will be several more pounds added on before we're all done! Oh, and I'm tired pretty easily. Being out of breath at the top of a flight of stairs is quite humbling, but when your lungs are squished, what can you expect? Otherwise, feeling great!

Now... we wait. (ha, we're good at that!) Ryan has business trips in week 36 and 37, which makes me a little nervous, but I really dont' think this baby is coming that early. We start our birthing classes in a few weeks, and are pretty excited. The class has lots of creative fun stuff, which you all know I love!

Of course, there is SO MUCH TO DO in the mean time. Ryan is finishing up a project on the main floor of the house, then he needs to do the cubbies in the nursery so I can finish painting (I of course have plenty of painting to do up there before that! So... without further ado.. some pix of the growing goon belly!

I honestly thought these overalls (which I wore pre pregnancy) would make it through the whole 40 weeks. Why? I don't know, cause I'm crazy? I just thought they were a bit roomier. Well, at this point, I'll be surprised if they make it through the weekend.

This is a horrible picture, as Ryan made me laugh, but we couldn't redo it cause the battery died on the camera, and you know we're too lazy to charge it and take it again later!

Here's the front view. The tattoo is stretching... but no stretch marks, yet (fingers crossed!). My belly button is still an innie...sort of. It's a big gaping cavern, and it's starting to flatten out, but still fills with water in the tub. Soon will get a close up of the tat so you can see how huge it is now! You can also see the lovely shade of green that is now in our hallway. It's called "cactus Pete"... yeeehaw!

Now.... the final vacation post....
We left Tulum and headed for Coba and Chichenitza - to see some amazing Myan Ruins.

This was an amazing temple, of course I can't remember anything about it at this point. We took tons of pix there, but I won't post them all as we next headed to ....

Isla de Mujeres - the island of women. Also the Myan Goddess of Fertility and Reason. Idon't believe fertility and reason go together at all, but whatever floats your boat Goddess. I tried to get her to reimburse us for the IVF, but it was a no go. She seriously owes us one.

We stayed at this great little studio on the end of the island. Away from all the hustle and bustle, but only a $1 cab ride to the beaches and down town. We could walk to a bakery (mmmmmmm) and a little shop to pick up coffee and breakfast cereal.

This was the beach right across the street from our little place.

We went shelling everyday, and came home with tons of lovely treasures!

We drank fresh coconut milk on the beach, (yum!)

And Ryan took some great photos of a little girl playing a the Tienda (store).

The beach was beautiful,

and we spent a lot of time lying around.

We also went to the turtle (totuga) sanctuary. So many sweet baby turtles (tortugitas)!!

Ryan took some gorgeous sunset photos one night before dinner. Unfortunately this was also the night I blew my barf streak. AT THE DINNER TABLE (into a napkin... then i ran to the toilet). Yeah. that was great fun! The owner of the restaraunt came running because he was afraid it was the food. Fortunatley we convinced him that the food was fine, and that all was well. He said "it must be a girl, because girls are more trouble" ... then he told us if we come back next year, and it's not a girl, he'll buy us dinner. Oh, we'll be back Freddy, we'll be back!

Finally (and sadly) it was time to head home. We packed up and took one a very few pix of us together.

It was an amazing vacation, and we're seriously considering going back next winter with the baby. Once we were home, Ryan started looking for flights the next day. Crazy boy. I told him we should see what kind of baby we have first. I'd highly recommend all of the places we stayed. The Mexican Riviera is beautiful, the people were kind and friendly, and the food was outstanding. Three cheers for vacation!


kris said...

I smiled through the whole post.

Devon said...

Second what kris said...

You are so adorable. If you didn't do the bare belly shots I would swear you had a pillow under your shirt, you look so awesome! And as for the weight gain, from what I hear nursing sucks the weight right off, literally :) And you get huge boobs as a bonus!

Vacation - yum yum!! I am dying to go away, counting down the days til summer...

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a fab vacation; and you look so cute in your belly pics. The countdown to baby is definitely on!

Sage Femme said...

beautiful vacation pics! i could almost feel how warm it was. xoxo