Monday, March 20, 2006

Vacation stories: Part two....
Tulum... so relaxing!

We headed south of Playa del Carmen to Tulum, a lovely, sleepy little town with a gorgeous quiet beach. You can see that we were about to have some 'less than perfect' weather by the ominous clouds.

However, a wee bit of rain and wind was welcome on my parched and burnt feet.

We got our cabana

and headed down to the beach to lay on the delicious swinging beds.

Ah... Stimpy, theees is the life!

We spent the days lying on the beds

Ryan did some snorkeling (I chose not too since it was pretty windy and choppy in the water, and besides, I'm lazy ;)

While he was snorkelling, Goonie asked me to take a pix from his/her point of view....

We also spent lots of time walking on the beach with delicious beverages in hand.

Ryan developed a new habit, (that I found slightly annoying) Everymorning, at breakfast, he felt the need to take a pix of me if I touched my belly, sweet, no? NO, annoying ;)

here you can see the torture that my feet endured.... They swelled up to gargantuan proportions, no pregnancy is complete with out pitting edema! It was horribly uncomfortable, and completely freakish looking, but were still pretty fun to poke at.


Stacy said...

Pregnancy looks rockin awesome on you!

Devon said...

Ouch!! Those feet look PAINFUL!!! But the rest of you looks absolutely freakin gorgeous.

Celeste said...

*bump* Anything new to share with us, dear? Missing your posts... love, C

Anonymous said...

Those feet are starting to look a whole lot like mine did - Remember that?! No fun at all. Hope your feeling ok otherwise - I'll talk to you soon! Love, De