Friday, June 30, 2006

10 days old... and I have an opinion.

Can the neighbors please STOP mowing the sidewalk? I mean, seriously, folks, I'm 10 days old, and I'm trying to sleep! Stop taking the edger too close to the cement! It's noisy, and it drowns out the lovely chimes on my front porch!!! Sigh, Can't a kid get a break around here? jeeeeeeze!

My friend Megan made me this sweet soaker. Don't I look gorgeous in it!! :D

My great Tia Nancy crocheted me this beautiful blanket.. it's super cozy. and oh so soft! Thank you :D


Johanna said...

she is TRULY perfect. keem the pics coming! ;) LOVIN them!

rubelin said...

Please stop posting the pictures of the gorgeous baby; you are giving me the worst baby lust!!! Really, I think my head will explode from the cuteness.
robin~ (aka wondermomma)

KoolKnitter said...

she's just so sweet and all the handmade yummy clothes and blankets-spoiled already ;)
thanks for sharing, kel

Heather said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!!