Friday, June 02, 2006

39 weeks..... and it grows!!

Yep... one week till we hit our 'due date' ... which everyone knows means nothing. Baby will come when baby is ready, so don't you all start calling obsessively and asking if the baby is here. Don't worry... we'll let you soon as we know! So.. without further ado.. here is the latest version of my belly. Hard to believe it could get any bigger, and yet, it does!

All is going well inside the belly. Goonlet tends to get the hiccups everynight before we go to bed.. and Ryan spends the entire time with his hand on my belly. It's pretty funny. Ryan also has admitted that he's 'in love with the belly' and will miss it when the baby comes... I think he'll forget about it soon enough, when there is a living human being outside of it! (and when it's a big flabby mess!)

Tomorrow is the birth blessing, and I'm so excited! my friends are the best, and are so sweet to pamper me this way! Of course there will be many many pictures uploaded... but probably not till the end of the weekend, as we'll have people staying here till sunday.
However..... Thursday my doula and amazing friend Jackie, and my massage therapist and equally amazing friend Lyn came over and did a belly cast!!! once it's cured, then I'll get crafty and decorate it... and we'll show another pix... but for now... you can see the work in progress
This was the only pix I got of the two of them... i was kind of ... well in a cast, so I couldn't take many pix!

It was tons of fun and thankfully quick drying plaster cast.. so it was done in less than an hour.

Wednesday was FINALLY TRULY HONESTLY FOR REAL my last day of work. Today I had a massage and facial courtesy of my magnificent husband... everyone needs a husband like mine! ((but get your own ladies, I refuse to share)) and now, I'm on forced relaxation, while he vacuums the house. Ah... pass me the bon bons!

One last thing... of course I'm not the only one hit with the nesting bug.... Last weekend, we had a nice long weekend... thought we spend it relaxing and getting ready for baby???? no! Ryan decided it was time to repaint the living room! he even managed to replace and repaint all of the trim work, and it looks AMAZING :) He's quite the handy man. (( again, get your own, ladies))

Once he had finished the window trim, there was no way we could put the hideous, nasty disgustingly dirty vinyl blinds back up.... so..... I did a little unnecessary nesting myself!

After! Looks so summery and clean now! and.. machine washable! Of course I'm the worlds worst seamstress (I inherited NONE of my mothers amazing skillz at the sewing machine) and not a single seam is straight, but from a distance, they look pretty darn decent.


Anonymous said...

You look amazing and so do those curtains!


Creative Genius? said...

You look terrific and that belly cast looks like so much fun! Hey - I sent something for the blessing ... I hope Jackie got it in time! Have fun!!!

mamadaisy said...

wow, what a great belly shot! (and of course, the cast, too). you look wonderful. best of luck to you in the next few weeks -- what an exciting time of life!

Brenda said...

You are just the darn cutest lil' pregnant chickie! :)

Brenda said...

And...according to my predictions...
You should be having your baby TODAY!!! Hmm, any contractions?

Brenda said...
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Anonymous said...

You look like you are having lots of fun. The cast looks great! Will you put the baby's name on it or decorate with images only? Bellycasts are so cool.

Hey, that wall color looks so much like ours. Is it 'Sociable'?

Great job on the curtains!