Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So for today's entry we'll see who is still in the running for guessing correctly.

We had: 18 boys, 10 girls

9 people haven't passed their date yet. One for today, two for the 15th, two for the 16th, two for the 17th, one for the 18th and one for the 20th.

And of course weight.. but i doubt I'll go back and look at that ;)

Who knows who will be right......

So far.. Nobody. hee hee hee


Anonymous said...

damn girl... Push!!
Just kidding
Love you
good wishes!!
Keli, Mark, Amelia, pets, friends, and others

Anonymous said...

For some reason I keep picturing you holding a baby girl (with a bow in her hair?), but looking at your belly and hearing your dreams of a boy makes me think boy. I know you guys will be amazing parents either way! Take care and soak up these last few days of your first pregnancy.

I can't wait! Good luck and happy birthing!