Thursday, June 29, 2006

9 days old!

Ruby is NINE days old today. Hard to believe she's only been around for NINE days. It feels like she's always been here. Today was a 'rough' day for poor Ruby. Rough meaning she didn't want to be put down, and would wake everytime you moved her. So... she spent a lot of time either in peoples arms, or really close to mama. Not a bad way to spend the day for any of us.

Here she is sleeping on mama.

More time with mama.

Who doesn't love a polka dot burritto??


Jofrog said...

Oooh, comphy cozy baby burrito! I love it!

Johanna said...

soooo beautiful :)

Celeste said...

nice mama, nice baby!

KoolKnitter said...

so sweet!!!

Devon said...

Ok, Ruby is absolutely freaking perfect, but can I just say, you look fantastic!!! I ALMOST don't believe you actually had a baby LOL