Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey world! guess what!

Last night the bellybutton fairy came! she left me this gross stump, a poopie diaper, and what may or may not be an innie! What do you think?

Before sleeps last night (the few we got) Daddy read a book to Ruby. On the day that you were born. Tears were shed all around, I'm pretty sure this book will be used often.

Daddy just can't get enough of the little Rublet. again... who doesn't want to cry looking at this picture!

But with all that pooping, eating, stump losing and reading, there must be lots and lots of this.....
Whew... Time for a nap!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, that's some true Daddy love. What's beautiful pictures. I bought that book for Tabor when I was pregnant. We hadn't read it in a while, and we pulled it off the shelf the other night. I teared up when I realized I'd written something to him in it before I even knew who he was. Enjoy these magical moments.


cobluegirl/Rachael said...

Those are beautiful pictures..i miss those newnborn days...hehe...they grow so fast. She is very beautiful.

Bless you, Rachael

Rachel said...

you're making me want another baby!

KoolKnitter said...

great book. great pics! what a great dad!

Devon said...

Awwww... Looking at the pics of them together you really see how teeny tiny she is!!

What a great family!

Anonymous said...

You are both so blessed!! beautiful baby. every one here is so happy for you. Kori, concidering that all three of you neices look like you... finally you have one of your own that looks like you! we are so proud and excited for you!! It's all up hill from here.

Heather said...

What great daddy/daughter pictures!!

mamadaisy said...

oh man, On The Day You Were Born is one of the books that always makes me cry. Guess How Much I Love You will do it too (I'm a sap).

Little Ruby Riding Hood has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Really.