Sunday, November 26, 2006


And so it begins...

Who is this santa fellow?

Jingle, Jangle and the littlest elf


Seriously mama, enough with the camera.

Hey! we found a naked baby under our tree!!

You know, mama, I think I'm gonna like this "Christmas" thing after all.

Note to all those reading, yes the tree is fake. After a teary trip to the tree farm a few years ago, I insisted on a fake tree. Yeah, I'm a freak. Anyway, the tree is up, and Christmas music is in the cd player. (I may tire of it though)... and yes, I cried.

You see, each of our ornaments tells a story, from a place we've been or somone we know. As Ryan and I decorate each year, we reminisce about where we bought them, or who they remind us of. I picked up one ornament from our honemoon, and asked Ryan if he knew when we bought it. He didn't, without looking at the back.
I said, "you know you're going to have to remember, because someday Ruby will be decorating the tree with you and will say, 'Daddy? Daddy tell me where this one came from' "
Actually, I started crying after the first 'Daddy'. I am such a sap!


Anonymous said...

I cried reading it!
Do I have to reference the strange letters below?
Much love to you all...

Rachael said...

Beautiful pictures Korin!! She is getting so big. She still looks like you!!

The4OfUs said...

Love the new format, and Ruby's such a sweet pea.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE all of the ruby goodness. you all look like a bunch of models. cuties!

mamadaisy said...

i am a major sap about christmas, too. we have the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas -- it always makes me cry!

last year was the first year i absolutely could not cut down a tree simply because of tradition. we bought a live potted tree, which we then proceeded to kill from neglect before valentines day. we'll try again this year.

Tressa said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...*sniff* :)

I love the new layout...are you bein' a copycat? ;)) I tried to do the beta thing last week, but it wouldn't let me yet...maybe I'll try again.

That's crazy about dumb are they??

Kimberly said...

oh i must send you rosemary clooney and gladys knight xmas will never tire of these!!!

Celeste said...

i like the new look of the blog, and i love the new look of the house, the parents and the baby. all very merry.


Devon said...

I have the same conundrum about trees. I hate the idea of chopping down a tree just to dress it up and put its corpse on display, but I also don't want people to think I'm cheesy.

When I am rich and own acres of land I am going to get the live trees with the root balls.

Ruby, as always, is amazing.

Ruby's Nana said...

The cutest elf is now our desktop background.
Ruby you are our best Christmas decoration ever!
Nana & Grampa

Debstmomy said...

OMG, that pic of her with the santa hat on, she looks ALOT like Amber at that age. If I find that pic this holiday, I will show you. Beautiful Girl!

Tree Huggin' Mama said...

the christmas elf is the cutesy pic i've ever seen!!!! sorry, nak'ing

Lanna said...

Oh my gosh, such adorable holiday photos!

Candice said...

Okay, now I'm not just tearing up a little; I'm blubbering...doin' the ugly cry.

Heather said...

The pictures are so great!! While I'm not really wanting my son to come early, oh how I wish I could see him and have him be here for Christmas!! Maybe we can just open presents in January!! ;-)