Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Ruby gets the train on time......

Not really but she did get a highchair!! She's not even remotely ready for solid foods, but she loves to sit up, and this way we can eat dinner at the table instead of on the floor. (maybe... we'll see if she tolerates it for long!)

She also wore a new outifit!! it was pretty cold and rainy so we put on a new knitted outfit from Aunt Mary. OH MY!!! Hat and sweater and booties, o my!!

Ryan will hate me for this one... but I just love it.


Anonymous said...

thanks dear, for the up-the-nose shot. I'm sure that's what everyone wants to see....good grief.

Ruby's Nana said...

Our precious Ruby in a highchair!
I can hardly wait to see her trying to use a spoon.
& Thanks for the great pix of daddy's nostrils.

J said...

Philip has the same high chair, and I too like it better when he's not on the floor!
Hey, can Aunt Mary spread some of her talent over my way? :D

Anonymous said...

Good lord, how can she get any cuter? I think its impossible. But last time I thought that you proved me wrong ;)

Licketysplit said...

Cutie patootie!
We started in the highchair too. She whacks my egg separator on the tray repeatedly, and we take turns saying "No food for you!" like Soup Nazi. She cracks up.

Auntie Bug said...

That second picture of Ruby in the high chair sure looks like an Uncle Kurt face.

But a pretty UncleKurt.

If Uncle Kurt could ever be pretty.

rach said...

you guys make me ill. you all could totally be models in a Gap magazine. I'm sure you'd love to support mass consumerism, but I'm just saying you guys are THE cutest little family!

and that middle pic of ruby with the funny look and the hat is DARLIN'!