Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just a quick note before we head to Seattle for turkey day...

1. I'm amazed at the number of people who have emailed (already less than 12 hours after posting!) and asked to be in the loop. I'm glad we are so loved out there. I'll get to all of you... but probably not until the end of the weekend. :D don't worry we're not going private for a week or so I think. Eventually I'm going to change to a different address all together, but I haven't even begun to put that together, so it will be a while.

2. I've received a few emails that not only surprised me, but touched me. I am so happy to know my words have helped educate others about the pain of infertility. Thanks for being willing to learn. (I'll email you too. be patient).

3. We aren't going private because we're being stalked, or because of any creepies (as my friend Jen put it)... I just feel the need to know who is reading (again, some surprises out there!) and to protect my child from anything that MAY be out there. Just let me know who you are, and most likely, you'll be on the list.

Again, thanks for all the love and support. It's good to feel loved.

Enjoy your turkey, and remember the truth about this holiday. Be thankful for all you have, and all you believe in.

Now I've got diapers to fold, a salad to make and a sweet baby to take to visit famiy. Peace!


Johanna said...

what what what??? You're driving RIGHT BY ME??? *pout* *sigh* its all good. My house is trashed anyhow. ;)

Well, I'm here and I'm reading and I LOOOOOOVE you ;D

Have a good Thanksgiving and kiss the Ruby for me :D

The Paeks, Palmdale Chapter said...

we are joining the blog world! well, slowly... anywho, thanks for showing me how wonderful it can be to share with family and friends in the blog style...