Thursday, August 10, 2006

7 weeks old! Ruby is 7 weeks old (as of tuesday... hey it's been a busy week! Lots of pooping and crying and eating!)

Here she is in the outfit she came home in... still fits! Even tho last week at the midwives she weighed just over 10 lbs.

She's as cute as ever. She's been a little under the weather the past couple of days - had a slight fever and has been cranky as can be - but still the cutest baby ever.

She's still looking for her thumb, but she's found her hand!

And last but not least.. here she is lying on the laundry room floor on the blanket Rachel made her while I do laundry. Thanks Rachel! (the cats love this blanket too....)

Next post will be about breastfeeding and the idiocy of others.

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Anonymous said...

ah, hand sucking ... max's favorite passtime, aside from nursing ;-)

she gets cuter every day! I'm saying its her genes and all that breastmilk!

much love! hope ruby's feeling better asap!

- Kara