Saturday, August 05, 2006

We're still here! We've just been busy.... well not really busy, just haven't had time to post pictures.

I had to post this.. just cause she's soooo cute in this little dress. I can't believe I am enjoying things that have pink on them. HELP ME!!!!

Yesterday we went to the babywearing conference... and lusted after many different slings and baby carriers. You can never EVER have too many baby carriers. Before we headed out we took some pix of Rubylicious in the great morning light. I love her so much, I almost can't stand it.

This is a sweet little outfit my dear friend Lisa made for Ruby... the pants are soooooooo soft, and the sweater is GORGEOUS! Ruby has many many hand knit things... many of which are still too big on her (Devon, I'll post a pix as soon as it fits her, I promise!)

Once we got to the babywearing conference, Ruby slept most of the time in the sling with Dad.
mmm i love the flavor of hand!
Today we went for a hike in the gorge.. it was ... gorgeous! Pix tomorrow!


Susan Sturgill said...

What kind of sling is your DH wearing? I just had a baby boy and saw that sling and loved it. --Suzie

Jennifer said...

I love that dress. I broke down and bought some pink things this weekend =)

joie said...

That dress is setting off some kind of estrogen surge for me right now--SOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

Ruby, you get more gorgeous every day!
I can hardly wait to see you and cuddle you this weekend.

Bear said...

We have that dress! Sam is adorable in it, jusy like Ruby!

The4OfUs said...

We have that dress too, it's too sweet - And I'm with you on the girly not me, but I love it on my own little girly!!!

I LOVE Ruby!!

Devon said...

Hee hee... aren't I a pain? LOL. I was actually afraid it was too small!! So I'm glad she doesn't fit it yet. That rainbow sweater is amazing!!! Oh and that dress is TO DIE. LOVE IT.