Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh.. the cool weather is back for a few days here in P-town! You'd think this would make for a happy happy baby, as we're not sweating our butts off anymore... Oh no. Instead we got cranky baby today. I won't post pix of cranky baby, because cranky baby makes it hard to take pictures. So instead... here are some pictures of sleeeeeeeeeeepy baby.

She's even edible in her sleep.
This onesie says "nobody puts baby in the corner'
mmmm milkdrunk sleepy baby!

And one from a walk the other night when it was soooooooooo hot.


Johanna said...

aw, sorry about the cranky baby. She sure is lovely and yes, completely edible while sleeping ;) I love sleepy babies.

Creative Genius? said...

Good lord she is one cute baby! Every picture you post of her is cuter than the one before!!! I love it!

Auntie Bug said...

I love this last picture of Ruby - she looks like she's trying to flap her arms and fly. What a joy she is.

Mamafae's Knit Wits said...

She is about to out grow that purple hat! I hope she outgrows the crankyness too! What a sweet little chunk you have. I totally can't wait to hold her again, oh and see you guys of course.