Thursday, August 31, 2006

ooooh! twice in a week! aren't you excited??

Not much happening here, hopefully we're going to the beach this weekend, so I thought I'd give some Ruby sweetness to get you through the holiday.
this girl is loving her tongue and staring to put things in her mouth.... also starting to drool..... are teeth on the way?

This look we call "I'ts 1984, and i teach jazzercise! now reach and left and SMILE!!"

I am Ruby from the planet Remulak. I mean I am from France. I am here to consume mass quantities.


kris said...

she is perfection

sweethomealagirl said...

gah, she's just adorable!

Anonymous said...

i can't stop laughing at your comments, it's nice to see that your sense of humor is just as i remember!!! Ruby is beautious maximus.