Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dear Ruby,

Today you are two months old. My my my how you've changed. In the past two months, you've given me more joy than I could ever have imagined. You've caused my heart to explode into a million peices more than once, and then you put it all back together with your perfect chubby cheeks. You are quite possibly the cutest baby in the history of the universe. I love you more than I could have ever dreamed, and am still surprised you're here every morning when I wake up.

You've started smiling.... and your smile can melt hearts. You love mornings, it's when you are the most smiley and almost giggly. When we tickle under your chin you smile your toothless grin, and squeal with delight. Occasionally you'll do the same thing when we snoogle your feet. Oh your feet... they are so soft and so sweet. I'd like to smother them in chocolate and eat them with marshmallows. Your eyelashes are works of art, and i'd like to dip each one of them in sugar and eat them all up.

You dream often, and I love watching you as you do. Your eyes twitch, and your lips move, sometimes like a smile, and sometimes in a frown. Your whole face contorts in joy and sorrow. Sometimes your breathing changes, and it seems like you are almost laughing in your sleep. What I would give to be in your brain, and know what you dream about.

You're growing! recently, a few of your onesies have proven to be just a wee bit small. When I realized this, I was reduced to a blubbering mess.... I hadn't thought about you GROWING.... at last weigh in at 8 weeks old, you were 10 lbs,11 oz... not to small not too big, just right.

This month you went on your first hike
attended your first concert and first big party. You have been quite the hit at all events. You also saw your mama go back to work, and your daddy come home early to be in charge for a while. You of course, handled this much better than either of us. You are starting to take an interest in toys, although you don't laugh half as hard as I do when we play with them. You have also started loving looking at books, hopefully you'll be a good reader like your mama.
You are mostly a really happy baby. You eat well, sleep well and poop well. You tend to do well in the car, which makes running errands easier. Although, it's two stops and that is it for you. After that, all bets are off.
You still love taking a bath, although you HATE getting out. I don't know if it's the cold, or just being out of the water, but within 30 seconds of getting out of the bath you scream bloody murder until you're swaddled and nursing.
You love walks outside, especially facing out in the sllings. You can see the world, and it can see you.... and oh how the world adores you!

My dear sweet Ruby-roo, how much I love you has completely taken me by surprise. I am still surprised on a daily basis, that I AM SOMEONE'S MOTHER. I am YOUR mother (god help us all). Everytime I look at you I am struck by the awesome power that is a mother's love. I hadn't planned on this. I didn't realize it would get stronger everyday, and that it would completely engulf my being. I didn't know it would wake me up in the middle of the night to stare by moonlight at your perfect perfect fingers. I didn't know that seeing you lock eyes with me and smile would make me feel that you were that missing peice of the puzzle that got stuck between the couch cushions and has finally made my sky complete.* I didn't expect such profound connection, but I am so very thankful, so VERY VERY thankful you are here.

Love Mama


Johanna said...

she is just the absolute best! Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful love letter. And I adore the video :)

PlazaJen said...

OH my garsh. It's like Cute Overload, starring Ruby. That video was so adorable. I love how her eyes crinkle as her smile gets bigger. So little! So cute! So sweet! I'm glad you're loving motherhood so much, too. Ruby's a lucky little girl!

Alexandria said...

You keep making me cry. Your heart is so opened up and your willingness to share it is a true gift. I'll never know the feelings you describe here, and it's only when reading your beautifully written words that I feel like maybe I'm missing something profound.

Thank you so much, Korin, for letting me have a glimpse of what this kind of connection is like.

LOVE the video!! It's almost (but not quite!) like meeting her in person! Love....

Kimberly said...

Our kids LOVED Barnyard Dance...especially when we added our own words....she is just the cutest thing since white bread!

Kimberly said...

Ruby is so cute -- and I love your love letter. It's wonderful to share in those moments with you.

Rachael (cobluegirl) said... sweet. you do such a nice job writing stuff down..I can't remember that last time I did that...they grow so fast.....beautiful pictures too!!! I love how your dh gets pics of you..we have very little of me and the kids..hehe..

Anonymous said...

She makes the BEST facial expressions!!! :-)

I still get misty when I sort out Boo's outgrown clothes ... you should have seen me when she started fitting into clothing w/o a "T" at the end of it!

MUCH love, sweet mama & Ruby babe, too :-)

- Kara

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby,
What a joy it is to watch you grow!
Giving you a bath was almost as exciting as the first time I held you.
Watching your expression as I held you in the water & let you do your 'swimming act' was absolutely adorable.
When I took you from the water and wrapped you in the warm towel, expecting you to cry & getting a smile instead,just about made me melt!
I'm SO looking forward to all the 'first times' I get to do anything with you.
LOVE, Nana

Anonymous said...

kisses for mama and Ruby

Anonymous said...

er, that last one was from me - celeste.