Monday, August 07, 2006

So... Sunday we went for Ruby's first hike in the beautiful gorge.

She got all dressed up in some clothes for exploring and waited with her friend Alfonse the gay caterpillar for us to be ready.
"um.. there is some freaky gay caterpillar on me!"

We drove out to the gorge (about 30 mins from home)...
Um.. can I be any cuter in this hat?

and put her in the mei Tie for the first waterfall

Love the water... not loving this carrier right now.

later we tried the greemoby wrap..ahhhhh much better!

This is the life!

yes.. really I love love love the water.

Just where we all belong.... together.... outside!


Rachel said...

so beautiful!!

PlazaJen said...

she is soooooooo cute and sweet and adorable! I love all your various toting devices for her! :)

Johanna said...

awwwww!!! so sweet :D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family portrait!
Ruby must have been so happy to hear her favorite sounds.

Joi said...

I totally forgot that Miss Ruby loved waterfalls. Knowing my luck Grey will adore the sound of slot machines ;)

Devon said...

How gorge-ous!! Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

I LOVE that pic of her looking at the waterfall. And I have major sling envy.